Perhaps you are more interesting in giving something concrete to the clinic, or have access to gently used medical equipment that is still in good working order.  Below are things on our “wish list”- things that make us sigh, look off into the distance, and imagine what fun it would be to have the below items in the budget.  Please let us know if you are interested in donating any of the below items to the clinic and we will work with you to figure out a way to get them here!

Fetal Doppler
A doppler allows us to monitor how a baby is doing during labor. Currently we have one, but it would be great to have a second/ newer doppler and so we can keep one in the prenatal office and the other in the labor room and have a back up when we have multiple laboring women.

Otoscope/ophthalmoscope sets
Looking for three of these, to be located on the wall in our outpatient clinic. Current sets are quite dim with light intensity; difficult to see fundi.

Infusion Pump (and sets of compatible tubing)
Most of the fluids we run are for hydration and exact infusion rates aren’t all that important.  We DO however use infusions (such as Magnesium for pre-eclampsia) where infusion rates are VERY important.  We have excellent nurses skilled at calculating drip rates- but having a pump for such medications would make us feel much safer.

Allows us to do skin graphs.

Large Screen TV
Right now we have an old 12 inch TV in the waiting room on which we can show health education videos. Even from the front rows, it is difficult to see. We would love to buy a large screen TV (around 36inches) to make health education easier and more engaging. This would also allow us to use the small TV for pediatric in-patients who can be here for days-weeks with very little to do.  Thank you John and Carra McFadden of Brattleboro, VT.  This is being used daily in our waiting room and the TV+ Veggietales is a big hit with the kids!  Also thanks to Delta Airlines who let the TV be brought down as 3rd checked item without additional charge!!

Stand alone photo printer
This will let us take photos of newborns as a gift for moms and families. Few if any of our patients have cameras, but the desire to remember special moments with photographs is universal! Especially for mothers and families of demises, having something to remember the baby by would be very special.  Thank you Stephenne Brown of Johnstown, NY.  The printer is being well used!

Projector+ speakers
This would be used both for education and training for clinic staff, teachers, lay midwives, and community health workers as well as to show movies at night to patients and their families. Hospitalizations here are often much longer than they would be in the States. Patients cannot simply hop in a car and drive 10-15 minuets to their follow up appointment- many have to travel for hours on the river, walking, or in one of the few 4WD trucks to get here, so we cannot and do not send them home until they are reasonable healthy. Also, all patients are required to have a family member stay with them while they are hospitalized to provide personal care (this is the norm in the developing world). The result- boredom. A projector would allow us to host movie nights with Christian and positive message films, which would be a real blessing to convalescing patients and their families.  Thank you friends and family of INMED Intern Katy McFadden for giving towards this purchase!  We are using the projector for HIV/ AIDS education with youth groups, for continuing ed with the nurses, training events with our lay leaders, and of course some good old “Happy Feet” at our nurses appreciation dinner.  It has opened many doors for education, ministry, and fun!.