IMG_0206By Air (Recommended)

There are four international airports in Honduras that you can fly to from the States; Roatan, La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and the more distant Tegucigalpa. From there you will have to work with the two MAF pilots, George and Wayne to schedule a flight into Ahuas. While Roatan, San Pedro Sula, and Tegucigalpa are easier to get to from the US than La Ceiba, George and Wayne make more frequent trips into La Ceiba. MAF round trip flights usually cost around $450 (La Ceiba and Roatan) and $700 (San Pedro Sula), though Wayne and/or George will be able to give you an exact quote when you contact them.

Dock in Puerto Lempira where you can catch a boat to Ahuas

Dock in Puerto Lempira where you can catch a boat to Ahuas

By Sea (for the Adventurous)

If you can get to Brus Laguna or Puerto Lempira (by Honduran commercial airlines like SOSA or AeroCaribe) you can travel through the lagoon and arrive via speed boat+ dug out canoe+ walking+ truck. From Puerto Lempira, for example, it is $20 to take a speed boat across several lagoons and up the Ribra River until the water becomes too shallow near the landing, at which point you take a dug out canoe ($1- not included in the first fee), walk a bit till you get to a shaded area in the road, and wait for a truck (which is included in the original fee). Tell the truck driver you are headed to “La Clinica” and he will drop you off at our front door.  One of our INMED students came this way, check out her videos.

A Word From Our Terrific Pilots at MAF:

Thank you for choosing to fly with Missionary Aviation Fellowship/ Alas de Socorro! We are George Goff and Wayne Miller- and we are looking forward to meeting you and helping you get to where God is calling you to go!

Pilot Wayne and wife Rosa at their wedding!

Pilot Wayne and wife Rosa at their wedding!

Our Contact Information:

George Goff

Phone: 011-504-8921-1535

Wayne Miller

Phone: 011-504-8988-5253

To make a reservation please e-mail both of us with your name, the number of people traveling in your group, and your flight information (airport you will be flying into, airline, flight No., and arrival/ departure times.) If you have any time sensitive questions, feel free to contact us by phone. (Probably easiest to do so if you have Skype credit.)

Our planes can carry 950lbs and have 5 seats- so you will have to do the math of how many people/ bags you will be able to take/trip.

We will give you a quote as to how much we anticipate the flight costing when you contact us to make a reservation. The easiest way for you to pay for your flight is to bring the money in cash (US$ are fine). If you will not be able to pay for your flight in this manner, please let us know ahead of time so that we can make other arrangements.

When you get off  your international flight in Honduras, you will go through customs and pick up your bags. We will be waiting for you when you come out of baggage claim and we will be on our way to Ahuas. Remember to tip the people who help with the bags (20-50 Lempiras or $1-3 (depending on how many bags you have) is usually fair.)

We usually like to go straight from one flight to the next. If you have errands you would like to run in Roatan/ La Ceiba/ San Pedro Sula it is best to get a flight that arrives earlier in the morning, and let us know what you need to do and how long you think it will take you to do them. If you will be in Honduras for a while, and consequently have many errands to run before heading to Ahuas, it might be better for you to stay over night, and fly with us to Ahuas the next day.

If at any point your travel plans change, please let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! If we fly to a city to pick you up and you are not there, we will still hold you accountable for the cost of this flight. If it is the case that your flight into Honduras is delayed so that we have to leave the next day, we are usually able to stay in the city overnight to bring you the next morning, but will ask you to cover the cost of accommodation. We typically check our e-mails daily as long as the internet is working. If your plans change within 48 hrs of your scheduled pick up time, please be sure to contact us by phone.

Pilot George (left) with the Marx' son Luke in font of hanger.

Pilot George (left) with the Marx’ son Luke in font of hanger.

We look forward to hearing from and flying with you!

In Christ

–George and Wayne.